Donald Trump Jr. wishes his father a happy birthday during interview

While making an appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, Donald Trump Jr. had an important message for his father.

“Happy Birthday Dad,” Trump Jr. said. “I love you very much.”

In a light-hearted moment, he also informed his father that he was not getting any presents.

DOJ IG Report

Wishing his father a happy birthday was just a secondary benefit to the interview.

Don Jr.’s primary reason for being on the show was to discuss the just-released Inspector General (IG) report on James Comey and the FBI.

Donald Jr. touched on some very important topics, but most important was that he thinks the report will be able to be used to discredit some of the key witnesses in Robert Mueller’s investigation.

More Birthday News for Trump

All things considered, President Trump got plenty of good news on his birthday.

The IG report absolutely blasted ineptness by Comey during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Additionally, the president was more than vindicated in removing Comey and Andrew McCabe from their positions based on the report.

Comey had a rather interesting take on the report.

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Just moments after the report was made public, Comey issued an op-ed giving his two cents on the report, saying he disagreed with the findings, as though the findings were up for debate.

His delusional response, along with the findings, prove Comey was not the man for the job. It’s a good thing Trump fired him when he did.

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