Donald Trump Jr. spotted leaving Kimberly Guilfoyle’s apartment

To say the liberal media tracks virtually every move by members of the Trump family — ready and willing to pounce on any perceived misstep — would be an understatement.

Indeed, even the mere act of walking down the street in New York City is deemed newsworthy in the eyes of the media, as evidenced by a recent “exposé” of Donald Trump Jr. leaving his girlfriend’s apartment and traveling to Trump Tower to meet with his children.

OMG, look at what he’s wearing!

Photographers caught Trump Jr. on Friday as he left the apartment of former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, whom he has dated since getting divorced from ex-wife Vanessa in mid-2018.

Those pictures, published in the U.K. Daily Mail, showed the president’s eldest son dressed in khaki pants and a green plaid shirt with a bright “hunter’s orange” belt and boots.

Slung over his shoulder was a camouflage-print bag, and the avid hunter carried what appeared to be a rifle case in his other hand.

Caught! Talking on the phone and spending time with his kids

After leaving Guilfoyle’s apartment, Trump Jr. headed to Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he was observed walking along the street while talking on his cellphone.

A Secret Service agent followed closely behind him.

Shortly after that, Trump Jr. spent some time with his children, as evidenced by his own social media posts. One photo showed him smiling for a selfie with his daughter Chloe.


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Hanging out with Chloe. #Friday #kids #weekend

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Guilfoyle herself was caught by photographers on Thursday as she headed to give a speech at an event held in the Police Athletic League building.

The media’s absurdity

To be sure, none of the this is what most normal Americans would consider as “newsworthy.” Unfortunately, that won’t stop the media from breathlessly reporting on every move made by those in the Trump family circle.

As part of the overarching agenda to “get Trump” in any way, shape or form, the media stands ready to instantly share every action by a member of President Donald Trump’s family, framed in as negative or questionable a manner as possible.

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It has been common knowledge now for quite some time that Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle are dating, so it should be no surprise that he was recently seen leaving her apartment. The fact that the Daily Mail felt the need to report this sighting as if it were some sort of “bombshell” news is just evidence of how out of touch they truly are.

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