Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle announce their next step on campaign trail

The president’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. and former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle may be one of the hottest new romantic couples on the political scene, but things aren’t all fun and games for the pair.

The hot duo are putting their star power and political insight to work on behalf of the Republican Party ahead of the midterm elections, and just made three separate campaign trail appearances in Ohio on Thursday.

Citing a “knowledgeable Republican source,” the Washington Examiner noted that the couple headlined a luncheon, took part in a meet-and-greet later in the afternoon, and then were the guests of honor at a fundraising dinner in the evening.

Putting their popularity to work

The day began with Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle headlining a special luncheon on for Rep. Jim Renacci, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown. About $50,000 was raised for Renacci’s campaign during that event.

A short while later, they joined up with Rep. Troy Balderson for a meet-and-greet with around 100 supporters in Ohio’s 12th District. Balderson recently won a close special election in August and will have to immediately defend his new seat in Congress from Democrat challenger Danny O’Connor.

The day was capped off by headlining appearances by the couple at a fundraising dinner for the Republican candidate for governor, state Attorney General Mike DeWine. A reported $250,000 was raised for DeWine’s campaign at that event.

Getting as involved as possible

The source explained of the couple: “They were originally supposed to come to Ohio just for the DeWine event, but wanted to help as many candidates supportive of the Trump agenda as possible while they were in town.

“Expect them to be a regular fixture on the campaign trail together moving forward,” the source added, signaling that the couple will be campaigning hard on behalf of Republicans over the next couple of months.

The visit to Ohio by Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle was critical as both Balderson and Renacci are locked in tight battles, and Republicans need to hold Balderson’s congressional seat and flip the state’s Senate seat if they wish to maintain their majorities in both chambers of Congress.

DeWine no doubt also appreciated the assistance and publicity brought by Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle, and while his race is rather important as well, Republicans feel a bit more confident that he will be able to defeat Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, a former Obama administration official who just welcomed former President Barack Obama to the state to campaign on his behalf.

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It will be interesting to see how many campaign trail appearances Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle make together over the next several weeks, as well as which races in critical swing states they focus their star power and fundraising abilities on.

Without a doubt, their presence on the campaign trail can only help Republicans locked in tight races that are critical for the GOP to win.

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