Donald Trump, Jr. is dating Kimberly Guilfoyle after divorce from Vanessa

Donald Trump is finally getting a break from media attacks, but another family member finds himself as the latest target.

Donald Trump, Jr. is reportedly dating Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle and the press is going nuts about it.

Rumors or Fact?

Junior first started facing the wrath of the media when his separation from his current wife, Vanessa Trump was announced.

It is not often a marriage ends while the First Family is in office, so the press ate up the separation and pending divorce like it was their final meal on death row.

When Trump, Jr. was reportedly seen arriving at a party with Kimberly Guilfoyle, the feeding frenzy really amped up.

At this point, nothing has actually been confirmed, it is just pure speculation on the part of the mainstream media.

However, this is not preventing the media from lambasting Trump for moving on with his life.

The Sighting

The party that started it all was the cocktail reception held for Richard Grenell.

Grenell is an openly-gay man appointed as the German Ambassador by President Trump.

The party was his sendoff before leaving for his post in Europe.

There were quite a few A-list conservatives at the party, including Guilfoyle’s co-hosts from The Five.

Apparently, Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle arrived together, which was the link everyone needed to call them a “couple.”

Not Her First Politico

While not confirmed, the union would make sense.

Donald Jr. is a very well-connected man and apparently and up and comer in the political world.

He made quite an impression during the election season and many pundits have expressed he would be an ideal fit to bring more younger conservatives into the fold.

That is exactly the type of man Guilfoyle seems to be attracted to.

Her first marriage was to Gavin Newsom, a former mayor and current Lt. Governor of California.

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There were also reports of Guilfoyle dating Anthony Scaramucci during his separation from his wife.

Several publications have reached out to both Guilfoyle and Trump, Jr. for confirmation, but they have yet to confirm or deny their relationship.

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