Donald Trump, Jr. blasts the New York Times over biased headlines

Media bias has once again been uncovered by none other than Donald Trump, Jr.

The president’s eldest son sent out a tweet on Thursday that made it clear that the New York Times creates headlines to generate negative coverage for President Donald Trump while sparing his liberal counterparts.

Take a look at Trump Jr.’s message:

The Media Bias

When a man sent bombs to various Democrats and liberals, Trump was blamed.

The individual suspected of sending the packages was an admitted Trump supporter, so that is what the media focused on — and they weren’t shy about blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the attacks.

But when a shooting occurred in Washington while a congressional baseball team was practicing, quite a different approach was taken by the media.

James T. Hodgkinson, who police identified as the shooter, was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

In fact, he had worked on Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Despite this, The New York Times mentioned Trump in one headline, and blamed the shooter’s upbringing in another. What gives?

Twisting the Narrative

This is how news media outlets operate today.

They are not reporting the news, but rather, twisting the facts to perpetuate a very specific narrative.

Indeed, they take advantage of any chance they get to throw some shade on Trump — all the while protecting Democrats from being associated with these maniacs.

The truth is, it is not Trump getting these extremists riled up — it is the media.

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