Donald Trump Jr. challenges Hunter Biden to a debate

Over the weekend, an interview that Donald Trump Jr. did with Axios went live.

In that interview, Trump Jr. offered to put it all on the table and debate Hunter Biden over who has benefitted more from their father’s office.

The challenge

Biden’s comments in the interview, which was conducted in a town hall-like setting, seem to have stemmed from an allegation made by Tommy Vietor, a former Barack Obama aide.

Democrats have been threatening to go after Trump’s children for quite some time, so that “threat” was not exactly a surprise. This is especially true since Fox News reported that Hunter Biden could possibly be held in contempt by the end of the week.

At the heart of those problems is the fact that Hunter continues to refuse to turn over his financials in the child support case for his illegitimate child that he fathered with Arkansas-native Lunden Alexis Roberts.

With the Democrat narrative trying to focus the attention on the Trump children, Don Jr. is ready to answer the bell. He welcomes the opportunity to debate Hunter Biden on who has gained more from their father’s political office.

The differences

The one very positive thing that came out of the interview for Don Jr. is that he acknowledged he has benefitted from his father’s name, due to the fact the Trump Sr. has been a successful businessman for decades.

However, as he stated, the Trumps had international business dealings in play long before President Trump ever ran for office. Since he has been in office, Don Jr. stated, they have not pursued any new deals, thus the Trump family has not benefitted from their patriarch’s political connections.

The same, however, cannot be said for Hunter Biden. Virtually all of Hunter’s business dealings happened abroad while his father was serving as the vice president. Even more damning is the fact that his most successful ventures were in countries where his father was serving as the point man.

Not that anyone expects Hunter to come out from under his rock to accept this debate challenge, but if they made it a pay-per-view and donated the money to a military charity, it would probably outrank the last UFC match.

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