Trump Jr. begs Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020

The time is soon arriving when those running for president in 2020 will have to officially announce their campaigns.

Donald Trump, Jr., in a recent tweet, made it very clear he hopes Hillary Clinton is among those named…

Hidden Messages

Trump Jr.’s tweet was no doubt inspired by an article in the New York Post over the weekend.

In it, journalist Michael Goodwin takes a look at Hillary’s behavior, specifically on social media, over the last few months.

What he sees is a woman laying the groundwork for what would be her third presidential run.

One of the main issues Hillary is attacking is Trump’s immigration policy.

Hillary has made it very clear she wants our borders open and illegal immigrants walked into the country on a red carpet.


Sadly, undocumented immigrants appear to be her only priority these days.

In some of her recent emails and social media posts, Hillary talks about the millions raised by her organizations to help undocumented immigrants.

She does not discuss helping our homeless or our veterans.

Nor does she talk about helping the millions of American children separated from their families due to jailed parents.

Instead, she is and will continue to make it a priority to defend people that are not even citizens of this country.

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Like Trump Jr., we agree it would be great if Hillary ran.

She tried that approach once, simply being against Trump and for undocumented immigrants, and she failed miserably.

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