Trump tells Judge Jeanine that he’ll visit southern US border within ‘next couple of weeks’

It’s not uncommon for Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro to break a story involving former President Donald Trump, as the two have been close allies since the days prior to his 2016 presidential campaign. In fact, Pirro has often gone to bat for the former president on her weekend show.

According to Mediaite, Pirro’s viewers received a special treat over the weekend with a bombshell announcement made by the former president that within a few weeks, he plans on taking a trip to the southern U.S. border to get a read on the escalating border crisis that President Joe Biden and his administration are failing to handle. 

What did Trump say?

Earlier in the week, top Trump adviser Jason Miller hinted that the 45th president was considering taking a trip south to the border, going as far as saying that he would have already traveled there but didn’t want to make the developing crisis a story about himself.

During a call-in interview with Trump, Pirro asked him to clarify rumors about his intentions to visit the border, and the president held nothing back in his reply.

“Well, a lot of people want me to,” Trump said, according to Mediaite. “The Border Patrol and all of the people of ICE. They want me there, they asked me to go. And I sort of feel I owe it to them. They are great people doing an incredible job.”

Pirro doubled down, asking the former president when he might take such a trip. Trump reportedly replied that it would likely be “over the next couple of weeks,” reiterating again that agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have requested that he come to get a ground-level assessment of how bad things have become.

While we’ll likely never know if CBP agents actually made that specific request, given that they’re not allowed to speak with the media, it wouldn’t come as a surprise since the former president clearly had a solid working relationship with the men and women who protect and serve on the southern U.S. border.

Trump: It’s not a race

Pirro went on to question the former president on his intentions to visit the border before Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, suggesting that it might be possible that he arrives there before they do.

“I’m not looking to have a race,” Trump said, as Mediaite reported. “I’m looking to get a problem solved. This is going to destroy our country.”

Interestingly, Trump told the Fox News host that he doesn’t believe Biden and Harris will ultimately make good on their promise to visit the border, claiming that “the president and vice president have no public plans to visit the border.”

Trump was hesitant to give Pirro an exact date and even expressed some reservations about making the trip, saying that he’s only doing it to honor the CBP agents who requested his presence due to a lack of clear leadership on the border crisis that is quickly swamping the Biden administration’s capabilities.

The former president might not want his visit to the border to be a media spectacle, but make no mistake — it certainly will be. That’ll be especially true if he manages to make the trip before the Biden and Harris do.

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