Trump: It’s ‘ridiculous’ to ask if Kavanaugh will withdraw over allegations

President Donald Trump is definitely standing by his man.

When a reporter asked the president if Kavanaugh would be withdrawing due to the sexual misconduct allegation against him, Trump called the question “ridiculous,” and didn’t even bother answering it.


President Trump’s frustration over the entire confirmation process was very evident.

First, he seemed to be upset the Democrats unearthed this mysterious allegation after Kavanaugh had been through a half dozen background checks already.

Secondly, and more importantly, he is upset the Dems sat on this information for months before introducing it.

Even more frustrating is the fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein, who introduced the letter, had it in her possession when she personally met with Kavanaugh earlier in the process.

As Trump hinted, she easily could have brought it up then or anytime in between.

Instead, though, she was clearly going for the dramatic effect of introducing the document at the last minute.

Fuzzy Details

Now that the media has focused on Kavanaugh’s accuser, California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, she seems to be a bit unclear as to what actually happened between her and Kavanaugh, back when both were in high school.

She mentioned a friend of Kavanaugh’s, but many of the other details are fuzzy at best.

She cannot recall where the house was.

Ford does not even have a date.

Ford stated she had told her therapist about it several years ago during couple’s therapy, but even some of those details from her therapist’s notes do not match the details she outlined in her story.

While there is obviously the need to refrain from judgment until all the facts are in, the evidence so far is lacking, and more and more people seem to be leaning to considering this a cheap trick by the Democrats rather than a serious allegation.

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As of now, Kavanaugh’s hearing is still expected to move forward on Thursday.

Until then, we all get to sit on pins and needles waiting for more information to be revealed.

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