Donald Trump issues executive orders making it easier to fire federal employees

The days of having to deal with federal employees that are bad at their jobs may soon be coming to an end.

President Trump, on Friday, signed executive orders making it easier to fire subpar federal employees.

Unions Losing Power

Being a federal employee is much like being a tenured professor.

Once you get in, it is almost virtually impossible to lose your job.

Far too many people have skated for years, mostly due to the protection of unions.

And who pays the price for these inadequate federal employees?

Why, the taxpayer, of course.

Unions and those that support the unions are saying the President is removing any leverage the unions now hold for federal employees.


While the unions are bouncing off the walls, all Trump really did was level the playing field.

Most people in this country keep our jobs because of our performance.

If you don’t do the job, you are let go, period.

How many times have you had to use federal services and seen employees sitting around chatting?

How many times have you been upset in how a federal employee talked to or treated you?

How often do you feel as though they simply do not care?

They are the employees Trump is trying to weed out.

Jeff T.H. Pon, Director of the Office of Personnel Management, stated, “By holding poor performers accountable, reforming the use of taxpayer-funded union time, and focusing in negotiations on issues that matter, we are advancing our efforts to elevate the federal workforce.”

The only people that are going to be upset about these executive orders are people that are not doing their job.

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Because for those that are, they have just been handed a huge opportunity to advance.

The bottom line: do your job and you don’t have anything to worry about.

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