Donald Trump Issued Summons in ‘Emoluments’ Case, Will Have to Appear Before a Judge

The left will go to no end to get Trump out of office, and this latest move is completely infuriating.

Yet another lawsuit has been filed by the attorneys general in Washington, D.C., citing President Trump has violated the emoluments clause.

Emoluments Clause

This clause states that elected officials may not receive gifts, nor shall they benefit in any way from foreign governments (without the approval of Congress).

Because there are several Trump businesses in Washington where foreign leaders and/or their staff are staying or frequenting, and have stayed before, they are claiming Trump has violated this clause.


While the left would like to pitch the story that Trump is offering favoritism for the people staying at his property, they are staying there simply because it is in fact one of the better properties, if not the best property, in DC.

Trump has handed over the day-to-day operations of his business to his sons and currently has no role in the company.

Left Trying to Penalize Trump

Liberals are trying to hurt Trump in two ways here.

First, they are hitting him with bogus charges in an effort to have him impeached.

Secondly, and quite possibly their main reason, they want to put the Trump company out of business.

The fact is this country has not been run by “one of its own” since the days of our Founding Fathers.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for politicians in this country to lose their focus and turn elected office into lifetime jobs.

Remember, this county was founded on the premise that elected officials would represent the people, not lead them.

Sadly, most people in this county have forgotten that very important fact.

The last president that actually did something other than being a career politician was Ronald Reagan, and we all know how Democrats felt about him.

After Reagan, politics has been the family business for every president elected to office.

In fact, every president before Reagan in the modern era was also a career politician.

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Liberals do not like the fact an outsider has taken over the office and now they are going to drag Trump in front of a judge to try to take the presidency away from him.

Trump will have no choice but to abide by the summons, but this liberal trick will be exposed for exactly what it is… a cheap and underhanded attempt to wrangle this presidency away from We the People.

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