Report alleges Trump is considering replacing Pence on the 2020 ticket

It’s election time, so — of course — the rumors about Mike Pence are starting all over again.

According to Salon, Vanity Fair published an “insider” report last week alleging that President Donald Trump is considering removing Pence from his 2020 ticket — and now, virtually every liberal alternative media outlet has latched onto the report.

Is Pence in trouble?

The “insiders” reportedly suggested that Trump is getting more and more frustrated with Pence for not defending the administration in the media.

It is also believed that both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been putting increasing pressure on Trump to let Pence go.

For their part, Vanity Fair pointed to Pence’s recent trip to New Hampshire, which was canceled at the last second, as evidence that there’s a rift in the West Wing. They also cited Trump’s choice to send Pence to visit detention facilities at the U.S.–Mexico border, rather than the president going himself.

But while we can’t speak to the thoughts of Ivanka Trump and her husband, we do know that Pence’s New Hampshire trip was canceled because the administration found out last-minute that one of the men Pence was going to meet with was at the center of a federal sting operation.

Why replace Pence?

So the question remains: why replace Pence? Some say that while Trump needed help with evangelicals in 2016, that demographic would never vote Democrat in 2020 — especially considering how far the left has gone in their support of abortion.

That being the case, some think Pence may not really benefit Trump at all during this election. Where Trump is really hurting ahead of 2020 is in the suburban vote and among women — two areas most believe Nikki Haley would help in dramatically.

Haley is the hard-nosed former U.N. ambassador who once served as the governor of South Carolina. Many within the GOP even believe that Haley will be the first Republican female president — if not the first female president overall.

Another plus for Haley is her ongoing support of Trump, whose policies she ferociously defended during her time in the administration even though she was not exactly a fan of Trump himself.

If Trump did switch Pence for Haley, though, it would give the impression of panic and play into Democrat’s hands — so both sides have to be weighed before making such a decision.

To this point, Trump has been very supportive of Pence in public and has stated several times that Pence is his man for 2020. But only time will tell what decision he ultimately makes.

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