Trump vows to investigate Wuhan virology lab

Reports have been surfacing over the last few days a research lab in Wuhan, China could be the origin site of the COVID-19 virus that has decimated the globe.

President Trump said on Friday that the U.S. will investigate the lab to officially nail down the origins of this horrific virus that has paralyzed our country.

How it all started

According to new reports, slack security measures could have allowed the virus to leak from a Wuhan virology research lab. This lab, by the way, was in a network of research labs that were partly funded with United States tax dollars.

When President Trump found out this was not only the possible source of the outbreak but also that it was receiving U.S. funding, he vowed to immediately cut off the funding.

When Trump found some of the funding was provided in 2015, he took another shot at the Obama administration, stating, “Who was president then, I wonder?”

Trump also questioned China’s reporting of its deaths related to COVID-19.

He stated, “We don’t have the most in the world deaths, the most in the world has to be China, it’s a massive country, it’s gone through a tremendous problem with this. They must have the most.”

We want access now

On Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo disclosed that the U.S. government has requested access to the lab in question in order to begin the investigation.

Pompeo further stated that the probe was nothing political in nature, just that we need to find out exactly where this virus originated.

He stated, “We are still asking the Chinese Communist Party to allow experts to get into that virology lab so that we can determine precisely where this virus began. It’s not political.”

“This is about science and epidemiology. We need to understand what has taken place so that we can reduce risk to Americans in the days and weeks and months ahead and get the global economy back on track. It’s very important.”

It should be noted that nobody is accusing the Chinese of engineering this virus. From the reports published so far, the virus was naturally occurring in horseshoe bats, but somehow was leaked out of the lab, then transmitted by human contact.

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