White House says Trump injured his hand while playing with Barron

During a recent TV interview, the media noticed something was a little off about the president. Closer inspection showed a bloody bandage on Trump’s right hand.

But Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was quick to kill the rumors something was wrong with the president. She clarified earlier this week that he ended up with a small scratch after playing around with his son Barron.

The Conspiracy

Leave it to the media to create something out of nothing.

The flurry of comments started after Fox’s Sean Hannity posted a photo of himself with Donald Trump while the president was touring the border.

Of course, people were curious about the bandage on Trump’s hand.

However, they also happened to notice a bandage on Hannity’s left hand.

When some really ridiculous questions started to fly, Hannity cut them off at the knees.

Hannity said he received his cut during training.

The Fox star regularly uses mixed martial arts to stay in shape, and apparently hit his hand on someone’s headgear.

Amateur Doctors

Still, it was truly amazing the amount of speculation that went out about Trump’s band-aid.

Every major network was bogged down with doctors theorizing what could be wrong with the president.

But it was much ado about nothing.

“The president was having fun and joking around with his son Barron and scratched his hand,” Sanders said.

Another Update?

This answer sparked inquiries about when Trump is going to undergo another physical.

Last year, as rumors started to fly about his health, Trump pacified everyone and passed with flying colors.

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Sanders told reporters that Trump has another physical planned for the near future.

While no date has been released, the White House assured everyone they will release the details of the exam after it is completed.

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