Sean Hannity: Trump is ‘improving the quality of life’ for all Americans

If you tune into any network other than Fox News, this election is already over. However, Fox’s Sean Hannity just reminded Democrats that it’s actually the end of the road for their White House aspirations.

He believes that come Election Day 2020, Americans will remember that “our economy is now humming on all cylinders and, thankfully, working for our entire family, all Americans.”

The American Boom

Liberal networks are bringing in so-called economic experts that are preaching nothing but gloom and doom in the very near future.

Their purpose is clear: to put doubt in the minds of Americans in an effort to take support away from Donald Trump. They cannot deny the fact, though, that the American economy is booming right now.

While Democrats try to pick at every flaw they can find, people are making more money now, and Trump’s tax breaks have enabled companies to increase both their workforces and their salaries.

When the trade deal with China is eventually in place, things are only going to get better in this country for Americans.

Two-fold Purpose

There is a second reason Democrats and liberals are pitching gloom and doom on the economic front: if they do manage to beat Trump in the election, they want an excuse when the economy tumbles.

Make no mistake about it, they have every intention of blaming Trump if the economy dips on their watch, but it will hardly be Trump’s fault.

Every Democratic candidate has promised to roll back tax cuts, which has already sent some companies into panic mode. In anticipation of possible rollbacks, some companies here in the United States have already started reducing staff.

If the Democrats manage to win the election, those layoffs are going to get much worse, and the economy will completely collapse.

Adding to the problem is the possible opening of our borders, which will add a huge influx of immigrants to the workforce, driving wages dramatically down.

As is typical of Democrats, they are setting the country up for failure. And this time, they already have their scapegoat in place.

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