Trump impersonates Maxine Waters ‘impeachment’ speech

Maxine Waters is going to be more than a little upset when she wakes up and sees today’s headlines.

While a no-class comedian was roasting Sarah Sanders, President Trump was holding a rally in Michigan, where he did his best to impersonate Maxine Waters and her endless calls to impeach the President.

The Rally

For the second year in a row, Trump has refused to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Instead of a night of pomp and circumstance, Trump headed to Michigan for a rally.

During the rally, Trump was making a point of how important the upcoming mid-term elections are going to be.

He also took a shot at Maxine Waters, who seems to call for an impeachment every time someone sticks a microphone in her face…

That has sadly been the narrative Democrats are using to win their elections.

They continue to pitch the same boring promise they have been making since Trump first took office.

But to Trump’s point, he hasn’t done anything wrong, so how do they expect to impeach him?

Another Point

While Trump briefly discussed mid-term elections, it is definitely something that needs to brought to the forefront of discussions.

As the President suggested, for decades, the party winning the presidential election seems to become complacent when mid-term elections come around.

That is something conservatives can ill afford to do this time around.

Democrats are making a hard pitch to take over the Senate and the House, which would be big league trouble for the President.

He is already getting resistance from Republican elites, and we actually control both houses.

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If we lose numbers in November, it could make him all but a lame duck for the remaining two years of his term.

So, as Trump stated, we need to get out there and vote to both shut Waters up and to ensure Trump can continue to move this country forward.

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