Trump announces start to previously postponed ICE deportation sweeps

Thanks to President Donald Trump and his administration, our country is about to get considerably safer and more secure.

President Trump recently revealed that the start of new round of deportation sweeps by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is imminent. 

Nothing to hide

The president made the announcement to reporters at the White House on Friday, asserting that there is no need to keep the “major operation” a secret.

“There’s nothing to be secret about,” he said. “The word gets out because hundreds of people know about the major operation.”

In addition to confirming the impending operation, the president even announced when it will begin. “It starts on Sunday,” he revealed, “and they’re going to take people out, and they’re going to bring them back to their countries, or they’re going to take criminals out, and put them in prison.”

Democrat impediments

As usual, the promised sweeps have been complicated by Democrats, who once again are urging both the leaders of sanctuary cities as well as the immigrants themselves to refuse cooperation. Protests have erupted in a number of cities targeted for enforcement efforts, including San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Baltimore.

In a June concession to Democrats, Trump postponed the raids for two weeks to allow time for additional negotiations aimed at addressing asylum loopholes and other problems plaguing the southern border.

In the absence of meaningful progress, however, the president held firm to his promise and declared that the raids would commence as planned.

Making a safer America

President Trump stated that ICE’s main focus will be on criminals — in particular, MS-13 gang members.

“We’re focused on criminals as much as we can,” he said. “We’ve been taking them out by the thousands, specifically gang members from MS-13 and other gangs. We are really specifically looking for bad players.”

The president was quick to add however that these criminals will not be the only target, but also those who simply crossed over the border rather than waiting in line.

“But we’re also looking for people that came into our country, not through a process, that just walked over the line [border],” he said. “They came in illegally. They have to go out. We have millions of people standing on the line waiting to become citizens of this country. It’s not fair that somebody walks across the line.”

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