Kanye West gives Trump a hug – right in the Oval Office

President Donald Trump welcomed entrepreneurial rapper and entertainer Kanye West, along with NFL legend Jim Brown, to the White House on Thursday for a frank discussion on a variety of issues. It made for an interesting conversation, to say the least.

West spoke at length about a number of issues that are important to him, including his admiration and respect for the president, before surprising the media by giving the president a sincere hug.

Watch below:

The hug came toward the conclusion of a roughly 25-minute long discussion that covered topics such as justice and prison system reform, improving educational and employment opportunities in places like Chicago and West’s rejection of the artificial political and societal constraints liberals place on most black Americans.

Heartfelt hug

“And that’s why I love this guy right here. Let me give this guy a hug,” said West as he got up to move around the desk and embrace the president.

“I love this guy right here,” he repeated as the two clasped hands.

“Yes, that’s really nice, and that’s from the heart,” Trump said as West returned to his seat.

“I didn’t want to put you in that position, you know, but that’s from the heart,” Trump added with a smile as onlookers chuckled.


West has been pushing a consistent message of independent open-mindedness grounded in love and respect for others. It’s a refreshing contrast with the disrespect and obstructionist resistance toward Trump and Republicans promoted by Democrats and the liberal media every day.

West’s sincere embrace cuts across the grain of the image of Trump put forward by the left, and signals to the rest of the black community and young America that it is OK to admire and respect the president — even if they don’t agree on every issue.
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The friendly gesture also signals to Democrats that the black community may always be the monolithic voting bloc they’ve come to heavily rely upon for electoral success over the past several decades. Republican presidents — or at least Trump — have a chance to make political inroads with the black community by promoting policies that improve opportunities for all Americans.

The liberal media, CNN in particular, sensing how much is at stake, repeatedly and viciously attacked West after yesterday’s lunch meeting. But that hug could well signify a potential shift among black Americans: a shift the Democrats can’t afford to allow — and one the GOP can’t afford to waste.

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