Trump shows his patriotism at CPAC with a hug to the American flag as he walked onstage

President Donald Trump knew how to get the CPAC crowd behind him as soon as he walked on stage.

Trump walked right up to the American flag and gave it a great big bear hug.

Proud to be an American

If there is one thing that is not even up for debate, it is that President Trump absolutely loves this country.

The crowd at the conference was already in an uproar when he walked out late last week, but when Trump hugged the flag, the applause went to a whole new level.

The cheer for the president went on for some time, then he treated everyone to some vintage Trump by going off-script for most of his speech.

While his communications department probably held their breaths, the crowd seemed to eat up just about every word that came out of Trump’s mouth.

More Like a Rally

If we didn’t know better, we would have thought Trump was speaking at one of his rallies rather than a convention.

The sarcasm dripped from his lips as he spoke about the Green New Deal presented by Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Ocasio-Cortez.

Trump also took some shots at former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Of course, the Robert Mueller investigation was also on the agenda for the day. Trump even accused the special counsel and Democrats of conducting “bull***t” investigations into him.

While some early polls have Trump behind a generic Democrat candidate ahead of 2020, it was hard to tell from the reaction of this crowd, as well as the social media reaction during his appearance.

For those not in his corner yet, Trump has another year to win them over before the election really hits its stride.

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