Trump holds indoor rally in Nevada in defiance of COVID shutdown

President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to rally his base in the last few weeks heading into the election — pandemic or not.

Trump did it again this weekend, holding an indoor rally in Nevada, a rally that went directly against the state’s pandemic guidelines.

Nevada lockdown

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March, Nevada has had 73,537 positive cases with 1,452 deaths.

The state’s major hospitality and casino businesses are being decimated by continued lockdowns, but Governor Steve Sisolak (D) still has restrictions in place that have left thousands out of work and caused businesses to shutter their doors forever.

Among those restrictions is a ban on large indoor gatherings. However, Trump went ahead with his plans for an indoor rally on Sunday night in Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas.

The rally

At the rally, Trump hammered Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and promised the people of Nevada he will be there to help them even if their governor will not.

“We are not shutting the country again. A shutdown would destroy the lives and dreams of millions of Americans,” Trump told the crowd. Biden has said that if elected, he would shut the nation down if scientists recommended it.

This did not fall on deaf ears, as his audience was likely filled with plenty of out-of-work casino and restaurant/bar workers.

That all came at a price, however, because photos of the event show many of the attendees were not wearing masks or social distancing, giving the Democrats the fodder they needed to attack Trump on the coronavirus again. Governor Sisolak tweeted, “The President appears to have forgotten that this country is still in the middle of a global pandemic.”

Trump campaign stands firm

The Trump campaign, however, is holding firm, saying this was just people exercising their constitutional rights.

Spokesperson Tim Murtaugh stated, “If you can join tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the First Amendment to hear from the president of the United States.”

According to the campaign, attendees had their temperatures checked before entering and were provided with masks by the Trump campaign and were encouraged to wear them. Even so, many did not wear them, with one attendee stating, “I think we’re relatively safe here. I brought a mask but I haven’t felt the need to wear it. I’m not worried about it.”

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