Trump hires former Fox star to lead Customs and Border Protection

There has been a good deal of speculation on the new head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Ever since John Sanders sent in his July 5th resignation letter, the big question is who will fill that crucial role?

Donald Trump put the speculation to rest today by hiring a former Fox News contributor Mark Morgan to lead the agency. 

From commentator to agency head

Fox news commentator Mark Morgan is, according to inside sources, all but finalized for the position. Mark Morgan was previously the National Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol when he was fired at the end of 2017.

Now he’s set to make a big comeback.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“It’s gonna be Morgan,” one official told the Washington Examiner. Two other officials said Morgan’s name was one of the top two contenders.”

Mark Morgan made a name for himself during his time at Fox for endorsing Trump’s policies. Morgan is seen as an immigration hardliner which would explain why Trump chose him for the job.

USA Today reports:

“Morgan served as chief of the Border Patrol in the final months of the Obama administration, but he has since become a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration-enforcement strategy.”

With little support from Congress, Trump will need all he can get from the CBP leadership. And Morgan will bring the heat for Trump and will fix the many issues the CBP faces.

Hardline ideas

Trump needs a hardliner committed to his vision. The Customs and Border Patrol agency has been in disarray and is failing Trump. Morgan who is a former Marine, and worked for the FBI certainly has the potential to fix things.

MSN reports: “Trump has said that he is seeking greater ‘toughness’ from his border enforcers.”

Toughness is what is needed to fix the border, and who better than a former Marine? Morgan also has his prior experience as chief of border patrol to work with. Some raised their eyebrows at bringing in a Fox news commentator for the job, however, Morgan is much more than just a Fox star.

Morgan will work with the president to bring about his vision of a safe and secure southern border.

A big part of that vision will be ensuring that the CBP is functioning properly. The CBP is overwhelmed right now and can’t handle any more immigrants at detention centers. Look for some major changes coming soon, courtesy of Mark Morgan.

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