Poll: Trump voters have higher enthusiasm than Biden supporters

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden may be leading President Donald Trump overall in many national polls, but one factor in which Trump consistently shows an advantage over Biden is the enthusiasm of his voter base.

A newly-released poll revealed that Trump’s supporters are more excited about voting for the president than Biden’s, who were motivated more by anxiety and frustration than actual enthusiasm about their chosen candidate, The Hill reported.

Trump voters more enthusiastic

This latest poll comes from The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, and it surveyed 1,057 adults — reportedly more than 900 of whom are registered voters — between July 16-20 with a margin of error of 4.3%

Overall, 30% of those polled were “excited” about the coming election, 70% were “interested,” 57% described themselves as “frustrated,” and 58% said they were “anxious” about the election.

The Hill dug deeper and reported that 42% of Trump’s supporters were “excited,” compared to 31% of Biden’s.

As for the anxiety and frustration, those feelings dominated Biden’s supporters at a level of 72% and 65%, respectively, as opposed to Trump’s supporters, among whom only 52% and 45% had the same sentiments about the election.

Not an outlier

An AP report on the poll results attempted to suggest that the negative emotional drivers of anxiety and frustration for Biden’s supporters could match or even surpass the enthusiasm and excitement felt by the president’s backers.

Furthermore, in terms of various personality traits of the two candidates, while Biden prevailed over Trump overall for most of the categories, a deeper look showed that Trump’s supporters overwhelmingly viewed their own candidate more positively than Biden’s supporters viewed the former vice president, again bolstering the view that Trump supporters are much more enthusiastic about voting for¬†their candidate than the challenger’s supporters are.

It should also be noted that this particular poll isn’t any sort of outlier, as other recent polls have come to similar conclusions — Trump’s supporters exhibit greater candidate enthusiasm than Biden’s.

A Pew Research Center survey of registered voters in June found that 76% of Trump supporters planned to vote for the president, while only 24% said they were voting against Biden. In comparison, those numbers were nearly reversed for Biden, as 67% of his supporters said they were voting against Trump while only 33% said they would vote for Biden.

Likewise, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll conducted later in June determined that roughly 50% of Trump supporters were “very excited” about their candidate as opposed to only 27% of Biden supporters who said the same thing.

Whether these enthusiasm levels hold steady as Election Day draws closer, only time will tell.

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