Former campaign aide says Donald Trump is feeling ‘happier’ after being banned from social media

According to a former campaign aide, former President Donald Trump is reportedly feeling “happier,” and his mental health has improved since being banned from social media.

Former Trump campaign strategist Jason Miller told the U.K.’s Sunday Times: “The president has said he feels happier now than he’s been in some time.”

Trump recovering

Trump losing the election may have a significant silver lining, as the last four years have been some of the most difficult years that any president has faced.

Being out of politics and off social media is likely providing Trump the perfect environment to recover. Taking time away from the political world will be good for him, especially if he intends to return to the political scene later on.

“He’s said that not being on social media, and not being subject to the hateful echo chamber that social media too frequently becomes, has actually been good,” Miller said.

Taking time off

The left rules over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and, as such, they do tend to become “hateful echo chambers.” The extreme and rabid hatred of the left finds a home on Twitter while conservatives find themselves silenced.

“That’s something the First Lady [Melania] has backed up as well,” Miller said. “She has said she loves it, that he’s much happier and is enjoying himself much more.”

Indeed, though President Trump did so much for the country to build an incredible economy and employ millions while accomplishing key objectives, he will go unthanked for his accomplishments outside of his voter base, and being on social media certainly wouldn’t help.

This is a great reminder for all Americans that disconnecting from social media and the political world can do wonders for mental health and overall happiness.

Trump regrouping

While Trump will likely not return to any political office, he will be a significant figure in politics for years to come. In the course of four years, the former New York businessman remade the Republican Party.

Trump will likely not run for president again in 2024, especially if Democrats succeed in convicting him on charges of incitement. But regardless of what happens with impeachment, Trump will likely have a heavy hand calling the shots over the next four years.

Candidates will seek Trump’s endorsement, and figures who betrayed him will soon find their stock crashing in the party. Let the games begin.

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