Trump Lawyers Hand Over Documents to Mueller to Avoid In-Person Interview

It looks like President Trump has outwitted Robert Mueller and his witch hunt again.

Rather than appearing before Mueller, President Trump’s team handed over a bunch of legal documents so they could sidestep the obvious “perjury trap” Mueller was trying to set for President Trump.

Trump Legal Team Outsmarts Mueller

This is a genius move on the part of his legal team and one that has Democrats, the media, and no doubt, Mueller, infuriated.

After President Trump attacked Mueller and this bogus investigation on Twitter, Mueller no doubt has an axe to grind.

Rather than serve up President Trump, his legal team is bogging him down with a stack of memos and other internal White House documents pertaining to the Mueller investigation.

All Bases Covered

Not wanting to leave anything hanging over the President, his team was sure to include any and all documentation related to both the Comey and Flynn ousters.

This will hopefully put to rest rumors, more so about Comey than Flynn, that the dismissals were warranted and were nothing more than “revenge” firings for someone taking a stance against the President.

Trump Team Dismisses Rumors

For several days now, the media has been speculating that President Trump would be firing Mueller.

Those rumors were seemingly put to rest based on comments by Trump’s legal team to the media about the investigation.

John Dowd, one of Trump’s attorneys, stated, “We have very constructive, productive communications with the special counsel and his colleagues.”

Dowd actually said he was “blessed” with the having good lines of communication with Mueller’s team and stressed how “helpful” those lines of communication have been during this process.

Hopefully, now that Mueller has these documents, this investigation can start the process of being wrapped up.

Americans are sick and tired of this witch hunt that is costing us millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.

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We just have to ask if they will put out the same effort in pursuing the illegal activities of both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama?

Mueller has 15 months to find something, and he has come up with nothing. We already have the proof on Hillary and Obama, yet they continue to walk around scot-free!

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