Trump hammers media for fake news reports on rally in New Hampshire

The mainstream media and liberals alike were waiting to hammer Trump on the size of the crowd at his New Hampshire rally.

After the hashtag “#EmptySeatMAGATour” started to trend on Twitter and liberal-leaning news outlets started to report on empty seats at the rally, the Trump campaign stepped in and hit back with videos, statements by local officials, and pictures to prove it was all fake news.

Liberal Activists Try to Sabotage Rally

Early on, there were rumors that anti-Trump activists were reserving tickets for the rally with the intention of not showing up.

They wanted to purposely sabotage the event and prevent Trump supporters from gaining entry to make Trump look bad.

However, their false claims of success were debunked by local officials. The local fire marshal confirmed the crowd was around 11,500 people, about 200 more than Elton John had for his 2004 concert tour. An addition 8,000-9,000 people watched from an outside overflow area.

Bogus Reporting

When Fox News panned the stadium and showed empty seats at the rally, liberals and the mainstream media jumped all over it.

They hammered the Trump campaign for saying the arena was packed and concentrated on a couple of hundred empty seats in the upper level as well as about a dozen or so empty seats behind Trump.

However, what they did not take into account was that many of those people were actually on the floor surrounding the podium, a fact local officials verified.

Not only that, they further stated there were thousands of people outside the arena that could not get in because of local fire codes. Here are just a few of the social media posts showing the actual crowd as well as the left’s jubilation over a few empty seats…

But this was all the media could concentrate on…

About Those Democrat Rallies…

The really amusing thing about all of this is how the media reacted to a few empty seats. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently held a rally where less than two dozen people showed up.

Joe Biden has held numerous rallies were his entire crowd would not have even filled the empty seats the media was concentrating on for this Trump rally.

It just goes to show the mainstream media will do anything in its power to present this administration in a negative light. It is truly pathetic that this is all they have to hang their hat on.

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