White House: Trump offers Maduro an ‘exit solution’ if he resigns peacefully

Venezuela, right now, is in complete chaos.

President Donald Trump is trying to help Venezuelans regain some semblance of order by offering embattled President Nicolás Maduro safe passage if he agrees to step down.

The Uprising

After the most recent elections, Venezuelans started to voice their displeasure that Maduro secured a second term.

Many believed the elections were rigged to ensure that the leftist president would win a second term.

In recent days, the National Congress opposition party has tried to oust Maduro from power.

In fact, the White House, along with Canada, the U.K., and multiple other countries have backed Juan Guaidó, who leads the Venezuelan opposition and declared himself interim president on Wednesday.

Mexico, China, and Russia, however, still support Maduro.

The Venezuelan streets look like a warzone right now.

Maduro’s private supporters have threatened violence against citizens if they do not fall in line.

To try to pacify both sides, the Trump administration is offering to get Maduro out of the country without harm if he gives up his presidency.

An administration official told the press, “We will continue to work with all of our partners who have spoken up very loudly and clearly on this issue in order to, one, encourage them to take further steps to ensure that Maduro and his cronies are not able to loot any further from the Venezuelan people.”

“And by the way, in that regards, to work productively — if Maduro chooses to accept a peaceful transition of power — to find an exit solution for him, in that regards.”

If Maduro chooses a violent path, however, the White House made it clear that “all options are on the table.”

A Matter of Time

While some may look at this and shake their head, Trump is trying to prevent a massive outbreak of violence by making this offer.

Maduro is a socialist dictator with the potential for massive violence.

It would not be beyond him to unleash the military against innocent citizens in order to maintain power.

He set the stage for just this very thing by offering many high-ranking military members positions for financial gain in the government.

The reaction so far to Trump’s proposal has been mixed.

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While many are applauding the president’s diplomacy, they are also demanding he hold Maduro accountable if things turn violent.

This entire situation is about to come to a boiling point, so we can only hope Maduro comes to his senses and steps down before violence erupts.

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