‘Don’t call the media’: Trump urges state governors to call him for help with COVID-19

It’s a bit sad that this had to be said.

President Donald Trump strongly urged state governors to bring whatever problems they may be facing during the coronavirus crisis to him and his administration directly, not the media, Breitbart reported.

“Feel free to call me, the Vice President, anybody at the table, anybody in the room — except for the media. Don’t call the media,” Trump said.

“Don’t call the media”

Trump’s remarks came on Thursday during a meeting with the Coronavirus Task Force at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington D.C. During the meeting, the president conducted a video teleconference call with the nation’s governors to answer their questions and establish a coordinated path forward for communications through FEMA.

At the end of the conference call, the president thanked all who had taken part and said, “We’ll do this probably often until this gets solved.”

Given the manner in which the liberal media so often tends to manipulate their stories to fit a pre-determined anti-Trump narrative, Trump’s request is understandable. And, if adhered to by the governors, it may well save time and reduce panic among the public by more effectively and efficiently addressing the disparate needs of individual states.

Productive call

The conference call itself went quite well, with virtually all of the governors who spoke — Republican and Democrat alike — thanking the president and his team for their attentive and rapid responses.

One issue that appeared to be shared by most of the governors was a difficulty in acquiring the personal protective equipment needed by health care workers and first responders — such as respirator masks — and other equipment needed by hospitals in the event of a surge of COVID-19 patients, such as ventilators.

Another issue that also came up frequently in the discussion were complaints about bureaucratic red tape — something Trump has been working to reduce at every turn — and requests for more flexibility from various regulations that are blocking efficient response efforts.

Other issues that deserved mention were requests for state control over calling up and deploying National Guard units, if necessary. Another request shared by most was that the financial aid to help small businesses impacted by the economic shutdown be distributed as block grants to the individual states, as they would be able to distribute those funds better than the federal government could.

Need to work together

President Trump and his team seemed open and amenable to all of the requests for help, and it was obvious from the discussion that, by and large, all of the leaders were willing to set aside partisan disagreements for the time being to work together.

Hopefully, the states and administration will continue to work together productively — without inflammatory and unnecessary interference by the media — as the U.S. deals with the coronavirus.

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