Trump says he got a ‘lot of good kisses’ from Melania for his birthday

President Donald Trump sent the media into a frenzy on his birthday with five simple words.

When asked what he got for his birthday, the president stated, “a lot of good kisses.” What caused the stir was when he said those kisses came from his wife, Melania.

More Media Speculation

The mainstream media simply will not let up against the first lady and President Trump.

Ever since the Stormy Daniels story broke, the media has done everything it can to push Melania into divorce court.

This time around, the media is pushing the fact Melania did not publish a birthday wish for Trump on Twitter.

One of the reasons she may not have published anything is because she is sick and tired of every move she makes being criticized.

When she does or says anything to support her husband, the media claims she is being forced to do it.

When she doesn’t do anything, they claim the relationship is strained.

Do you see a pattern here?

Putting Rumors to Rest

President Trump also addressed several rumors that have been surfacing recently about the first lady recently.

Due to her absence from the public eye, some pundits were floating the idea Melania had a face lift.

The president shot that down immediately.

He also addressed why Melania did not fly with him to the G7 conference or the summit meeting with Kim Jong Un.

“She wanted to go,” the president said. “Can’t fly for one month, the doctors say.”

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“She had a big operation, it was close a four-hour operation, and she’s doing great, right there. And you know what? She is a great first lady,” Trump added.

We could not agree more!

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