Trump goes on the offensive as Bernie Sanders rises in the polls

Democrat presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got a decent push after he received the endorsement of freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

But as Sanders’ 2020 campaign continues to gain momentum, Donald Trump has taken notice and has gone all-in against his democratic socialist opponent, The Hill reports.

Time to knock him down

Sanders’ support has never seemed to waver within his base. While other candidates have risen and fallen, Sanders always kept his 16-18%. And now that now-frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign is collapsing, Sanders is starting to gain some ground on the former vice president.

After the attack against Iran Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Sanders — like every other Democrat candidate — backed Iran and was very critical of Trump for carrying out the attack.

While every candidate essentially sided with Iran, however, Trump only attacked two candidates over their response: Biden and Sanders.

During his Ohio rally this week, Trump told his supporters that Sanders “can’t be trusted to defend American lives,” and characterized the Vermont senator as a “wealthy, fossil fuel-guzzling millionaire” who “lectures Americans on how to live their lives while doing the exact opposite,” according to The Hill.

Top Sanders adviser Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) took notice, stating: “You know you’re doing well when you get attacked in politics, and the biggest concern in politics is if you don’t get any attacks because then you’re irrelevant.”

Is Sanders dangerous?

Unfortunately for the Dems, Sanders could be a dangerous nominee. If he wins, it could literally tear the party apart; Sanders has a very far-left platform, which is not received very well by moderate Democrats.

Indeed, it will be very hard for many in the party to endorse Sanders with a straight face. Sanders faces a hard push to actually convince moderate Democrats to jump on board.

Meanwhile, Sanders is an unknown for Trump, because he does appeal to some blue-collar workers and he dominates the millennial and college-age demographics.

Sanders, however, has been able to avoid major attacks from the right because many don’t see him being a real threat. If he somehow manages to win the nomination, that all changes.

Bernie has some serious skeletons floating around in the back of his closet — and it will be very interesting to hear him try to defend them if the GOP ends up going head-to-head with him.

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