Trump slams Georgia election law reforms: ‘Too weak,’ should have gone further

Democrats have been apocalyptic over Georgia’s new election reform laws, baselessly characterizing them as oppressive of minorities and no better than the overtly racist “Jim Crow” laws of the segregationist era.

Despite wails from Democrats, former President Donald Trump came out Tuesday arguing the new voting laws in Georgia actually didn’t go far enough to adequately defend the integrity of future elections and are “far too weak,” Axios reported.

Trump: Reforms should have gone further

In a fiery statement released Tuesday, Trump slammed what he perceived as shortcomings in the election reforms and heaped sharp criticism upon two “RINO” officials in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp and Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, who he thinks should have done more to strengthen the state’s election processes.

“Georgia’s election reform law is far too weak and soft to ensure real ballot integrity!” Trump wrote. “Election Day is supposed to be Election Day, not Election Week or Election Month.”

“Far too many days are given to vote,” he continued in reference to Georgia’s expansion of early voting opportunities. “Too much ‘mischief’ can happen during this very long period of time. You saw that in the 2020 Presidential Election. How’s Ruby Freeman doing?”

The “Ruby Freeman” comment was a reference to a Georgia election worker who was caught on multiple videos appearing to be engaged in various forms of fraudulent ballot counting activities in conjunction with her daughter and a supervisor.

According to Newsweek, Trump has directly named Freeman numerous times over the past several months when speaking out against the fraud and irregularities that he has alleged occurred in Georgia, and Freeman has suffered harassment and even death threats as a result.

“Hope the RINOs are happy”

Regarding Kemp and Raffensperger, Trump wrote that they “should have eliminated no-excuse, widespread mass Mail-In Voting, gotten rid of the dangerous and unsecure Drop-Boxes, and should have kept and EXPANDED Signature Verification to do matches against the historical voter file, among other things! Hope the RINOs are happy.”

Trump continued, “Kemp also caved to the radical left-wing woke mob who threatened to call him racist if he got rid of weekend voting.”

“Well, he kept it, and they still call him racist!” he added.

Axios noted that this broadside against Georgia’s top Republican officials came shortly after former President Trump had called upon his supporters to engage in a counter-boycott against the major corporations and entities — such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League Baseball — that had spoken out in condemnation of Georgia’s new election laws

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