Trump Twitter gaffe breaks the internet

What was probably a case of running out of characters on Twitter has been seized upon by liberals to shred Trump.

According to Newsweek, Trump sent out a tweet that accidentally ended with “Impeach the Pres.” — and liberals are now saying Trump is calling for his own impeachment.

Trump’s Intent

What Trump was trying to convey there is pretty obvious, so liberals need to tone down their triumph a little bit.

Trump was no doubt trying to make the point that with all the success this administration has enjoyed, the only response Democrats have to stop him is to impeach him.

The political climate being what it is, though, liberals made their fingers bloody trying to beat each other for the best punchline to use against the tweet.

Funny how they all react to that tweet, yet none of them are questioning the dozens of gaffes made by Joe Biden during this campaign.

Time to Focus on Biden

The media response to this slight gaffe by Trump is yet another distraction tactic. We need to refocus. This all comes down to how the American people perceive a phone call by Trump to Ukraine’s president.

Joe Biden is a candidate, yes, but the fact of the matter is that his son became a very rich man doing business with two countries in which Biden served as the point man for the Obama administration.

Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukraine energy company making $50,000 per month with absolutely no experience in the field and while unable to speak the language of the country.

The equity fund Hunter Biden founded received a $1.5 billion investment less than two weeks after Hunter traveled with Joe Biden aboard Air Force 2 to Asia.

No, the money did not go directly into Hunter Biden’s bank account, but he surely received a commission on the investment and no doubt has been receiving significant money from the fund as a direct result of it.

Joe Biden is using technicalities to justify his and his son’s actions because he knows that, ethically speaking, what they did was completely unscrupulous. Biden has yet to form a credible answer to justify Hunter’s business dealings, and Americans are clearly paying attention.

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