Trump friend suggests birth of Barron changed Donald Trump’s abortion views

If we are to believe a former family insider, Barron Trump may be the influence behind one of his father Donald Trump’s biggest pivots.

Roger Stone, who once had the ear of Donald Trump, says the now-president once confided in him that the birth of his son Barron is what changed his stance on abortion.

Private Conversations

At one point, Stone was probably considered one of Trump’s most trusted advisers.

Much of that changed as Stone started to make outlandish statements to the media.

Rather than helping Trump, Stone started to be considered a liability.

However, during that time, Stone was privy to some very private thoughts.

One of them was how Trump felt about abortion — and why he changed his stance on it.

According to Stone, the two once had a private conversation, during which Trump revealed what changed his mind.

Stone claims Trump told a story of an older couple that gave birth to a son with some complications.

When Stone asked Trump if the story was in fact about him, Melania, and Barron, Trump would not admit that.

However, Stone advised him if the story was actually a tale about his own life, he should make it public.

The Reveal

The inside story came to light just before the now-president was to appear at the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List.

The group is an anti-abortion organization that threw the weight of their support behind Trump during the election and continues to support him today.

While they were not solely responsible for Trump getting elected, their support did carry significant weight in some of the key battleground states.

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“He knows how to form an important partnership and he knows what it means to be a partner,” SBA President Marjorie Dannenfelser said of Trump.

During the election season, the group called Trump the most “Pro-life President” of all time.

Now, we know his son might be the reason why.

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