Trump freezes Venezuelan assets amid strained relations with Nicolas Maduro

President Trump, in an effort to expedite a power transition in Venezuela, has done something almost unprecedented.

On Monday, it was announced that Donald Trump gave the order for the United States to freeze all Venezuelan assets to put the squeeze on embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The Lock Down

Effective immediately, U.S. businesses are no longer permitted to conduct business with Maduro or anyone or any business supporting his regime.

This is the first time in roughly three decades such as an extreme measure has been taken for the sole purpose of ousting a leader.

The last time this happened would have been in the 1980s when there was a similar freeze put in place against General Manuel Noriega.

While this will not completely shut down Venezuela, it will prove to be a devastating blow against its economy that may bully Maduro into submission.

The ultimate goal here is to have Maduro step down so that opposition leader Juan Guaido can take over until a new election can be held.

Peaceful Transition of Power

All of this is being done to hopefully avoid a direct military conflict with Maduro. Trump has been adamant he does not want any type of armed conflict to take place.

He also does not want to see Maduro turn the military, which remains loyal to him, against the citizens of the country. While all of this is going on, many Venezuelans are fleeing the country in fear of retaliation from Maduro.

Most of them are headed over the border to Columbia. This has created a situation similar to what the United States is facing along its southern border.

Currently, there is a summit meeting in Peru, where 59 nations have gathered in an effort to solve the crisis in Venezuela.

Since most of these countries support Guaido, it would not be a surprise to see the bulk of these nations try to enact similar measures to that of the United States to ensure there is a peaceful transition of power sooner rather than later.

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