Trump to close major food stamp loophole

There is a major flaw in our food stamp program that is literally allowing millionaires to collect this type of assistance. Thankfully, President Trump has announced that the loophole is to be closed and the abuse will end.

This represents a significant victory for those working to dismantle the nanny state, and it a devastating blow to liberals like the Obamas, who put so much effort into making Americans dependent on the government. 

Exposing the Loophole

This food stamp loophole has been available for abuse for quite some time. Were it not for the efforts of Minnesota millionaire Rob Undersander, it would probably still be going on undetected.

Undersander, however, was so upset with the system, he used himself as a case study on how easy it was to take advantage of the system’s weakness and receive benefits despite not being on welfare or having any sort of financial need.

As he set out to expose the system, Undersander also wanted to give the government every chance possible to disqualify him. Because the current system in place relies on “broad-based categorical eligibility,” current assets are not necessarily a disqualifier for those seeking benefits.

When he applied for the program, Undersander was honest about his substantial financial resources, but the caseworker told him an asset check was not part of the procedure, so there was little to prevent him from being approved.

Lo and behold, after the paperwork was processed, Undersander received word that he was eligible for food stamps in the amount of $278 per month. Over the course of 19 months, Undersander stated that he received about $6,000 in benefits from the government. In turn, he donated the money to charity.

Closing the Gap

Undersander did not conduct this experiment to take advantage of the system, but rather to expose it, after which Democrats have and continue to try to put him in jail for knowingly committing fraud.

All he really did was file for funds that, by current standards, he was entitled to receive. Now that his case has garnered national attention, the Trump administration is examining the guidelines presently in place in an effort to end the broad-based category eligibility requirement that is used in more than 30 states around the country.

According to the Washington Examiner, as a result of the loophole, “an estimated 3.1 million to 5 million people currently on food stamps shouldn’t be receiving this welfare benefit.”

Unfortunately, not everyone taking advantage of this loophole is doing so for the purpose of exposing the problem, but rather simply abusing a system that is in need of serious reform.

This is yet another policy Democrats had no intention of ever addressing, considering that the more people rely on the government, the better it is in the eyes of Democrats.

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