Trump FIRES BACK At Democrats After Arrest Threats

Last week, Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib finally admitted that Democrats are trying to find a way to ARREST members of Donald Trump’s administration.

At a “Congress, Coffee, And Conversation” event with constituents, Tlaib let the secret slip:

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a situation like this. So they’re trying to figure out, no joke, they’re trying to figure out, well, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We don’t know. Where do we hold them?”

Understandably, Trump wasn’t happy to hear the news.

On Twitter, Trump released a short bash of Tlaib’s arrest plans:

“A despicable human being!”

What’s worse is that Tlaib isn’t the only Democrat who admitted she wants Trump officials arrested. Democrat Rep. John Garamendi from California even said he wants to jail ALL Trump officials.

On Wednesday, Garamendi said:

“I think it’s time to call in the sergeant-at-arms and march them off to our little jail, which we do happen to have. Let them sit there and cool off for a while.”

So when Trump says there is a coup being launched against him, he isn’t kidding. Democrat politicians are literally openly admitting that they want to destroy him.

These aren’t conspiracy theories anymore. They’re facts. The Democrat Party has gone off the deep – and they will even go so far as to jail people who stand in the way of their agenda.

It’s time to punish these people. They deserve no power whatsoever.


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