Sources: Trump considering whether to fire FBI Director Wray if he wins second term

It has become increasingly clear that President Donald Trump has grown frustrated and impatient with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Now comes word that there has been talk inside the White House among Trump and some of his top advisers about firing and replacing Wray after the election, assuming that the president wins a second term in office, The Hill reported.

Rumors swirl

The ostensible reason for Trump’s consideration of ousting Wray from his cabinet is that the FBI director has publicly contradicted the president on issues like mail-in ballot fraud and riotous violence from groups like Antifa.

Perhaps more importantly, Wray has failed to release information about Trump’s political opponents, which could prove beneficial to his re-election effort.

The rumored discussions about Trump came by virtue of anonymous White House sources cited by the Washington Post.

Those unnamed sources claimed that Trump was growing disappointed and angry that Wray hadn’t interjected the FBI into the presidential race in the same manner as Wray’s predecessor, fired FBI Director James Comey, had done in connection with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server investigation.

To wit, the president was said to have pointed to how Comey, just 11 days prior to the election in 2016, publicly announced that the email probe had been reopened — albeit only to then close it again a few days later — in a move that, according to polling data, dealt a substantial blow to the Clinton campaign in the final stretch.

Trump voices displeasure

This time, Trump was said to have been hopeful that Wray — and to a lesser extent, Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham — would take action or make public statements in regard to alleged wrongdoing by Democratic nominee Joe Biden, his son Hunter, or others associated with the Biden camp.

The Post noted that the FBI declined to comment when asked about the anonymously sourced rumors. Similarly, White House spokesman Judd Deere told the outlet that the administration doesn’t comment on personnel matters, but added, “If the president doesn’t have confidence in someone, he will let you know.”

In that regard, President Trump has made several comments in recent weeks and months signifying his growing displeasure with the job that Wray has been doing as head of the FBI.

Furthermore, according to the sources, Trump has let it be known inside the White House that he believes Wray has been his worst pick of a cabinet official, a critical opinion said to be shared and expressed by the likes of chief of staff Mark Meadows and social media adviser Dan Scavino, among others.

Since it is obvious that Trump is less than thrilled with Wray’s job performance, though, most voters do not need anonymous sources to confirm that he might clean house at the beginning of a second term.

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