Sarah Sanders says Trump could find another way to fund the border wall if Dems don’t cooperate

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a busy weekend sending Democrats into a tizzy.

During an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Sanders said Trump is ready and willing to do anything necessary to get funding for his border wall.

One Way or Another

In a bid to secure funding for his border wall, the president has said he’ll let the partial government shutdown last as long as is necessary — and it’s already approaching the record of being the longest shutdown in American history.

That has not deterred President Trump, though.

Trump has said he is prepared to take it months or even years if necessary.

In all likelihood, though, this will be cleared up long before that.

That’s because, according to Sanders, if Dems refuse to negotiate with Trump on border wall financing, he will more than likely pursue other options to get the wall built.

Numerous Possibilities

The first and most popular option is for Democrats to get on board with the program and approve wall funding.

Trump has even hinted that if Democrats come to the table in good faith with a plan to fund the wall over several years, he would be more than willing to negotiate with them.

But it doesn’t seem like Dems are willing to budge.

That means Trump and co. must look into other options, including reallocating funds to build the wall.

Trump could use funds from another budget or sell off government loans to the private sector for the funding.

That may actually be the best option, as our agriculture department is currently holding hundreds of billions of dollars in loans.

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Trump could sell off somewhere in the range of $10 billion and have more than enough to pay for the wall.

One thing we do know, though, is that one way or another, Trump is going to get this wall built, just as promised.

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