Trump announces plans for financial aid package in response to coronavirus

Americans are being forced to stay home from work and small business owners are hurting because of coronavirus disruptions, but President Donald Trump is about to send some help.

On Monday, Breitbart reported that Trump announced plans for a financial aid package to help Americans impacted by the coronavirus.

The perfect storm

With numerous countries being shut down for travel, airlines and other travel outlets are taking a major hit. Next came the outbreak and deaths here in the United States, causing the markets to crash and widespread panic, a panic that was encouraged by the Democrat doomsday narrative.

Finally, Russia decided to throw oil markets into a tailspin by refusing to accept a pricing offer by the Saudis. A little more than a week ago, the Dow surpassed 29,000, a new record, but on Monday it closed below 24,000, putting our country on the brink of a recession.

The move by Trump is meant to instill a sense of stability and calm into the economy as the coronavirus situation develops. Trump stated, “We are going to take care of and have been taking care of the American public and the American economy.”

The market immediately responded, soaring back above 25,000 at the close of business on Tuesday.

Trump announced that he will be working on a solution with lawmakers on Tuesday, and rumors have begun to swirl that steep payroll tax cuts, financial assistance for the tourism and travel industries, and assistance for hourly wage earners may be forthcoming.

Democrat criticism

No matter what Trump does, Democrats find a way to attack his every move. For instance, Fox News reported that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated, “It seems President Trump is more focused on the stock market than addressing this pandemic.”

First, the president is capable of and needs to concentrate on both the coronavirus and the economy. He simply cannot allow our country to fall into a recession over panic the Democrats are creating.

Second, Trump has been on top of this from the outset. Trump shut down travel to China very early on, taking flack from Democrats the entire time. Trump had our medical experts working on an appropriate response almost immediately, but that did not make Democrats happy.

Trump has tried to be calming and honest about the coronavirus from the very outset, yet Democrats have all raced for the panic button anyway. Now, when he addresses the economy in conjunction with the coronavirus, they blatantly accuse him of ignoring the health crisis.

This is not only a partisan attack but considering the circumstances, it is extremely dangerous. Why would they do this? One reason: To win the White House in November and to take the Senate so they have all the power.

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