Hannity: Trump is fighting a battle of ‘life and death’ while Pelosi plays politics

Some see the shutdown battle between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump as nothing more than political gamesmanship.

While that may be the case for Pelosi, this isn’t a game to Trump, says Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “What is Pelosi fighting for?” Hannity asked. “The president’s fighting life and death. The president is fighting for safety and security.”

Political Maneuvering

Pelosi had no sooner taken over as Speaker of the House when she started to play games with Trump.

Rather than allow the president to address Congress with the State of the Union, she sent him a letter to tell him it was a bad idea.

When asked for a reason, she cited “security concerns.”

However, that was simply a lie.

Both Homeland Security and the Secret Service came forward to say security would not be at risk due to the shutdown.

Pelosi, however, refused to give up.

In fact, several days later when she was questioned about it, she continued to cite security problems as the reason.

This Is About Power… Nothing Else

Common sense should dictate we need better border security.

As Hannity laid it out, “This is about so much more than politics. This is about your safety, your security. This is about the safety of the country, and literally, life and death. This is about a president fulfilling a promise to secure our southern border. This is about saving American lives that are impacted by gangs, cartels, drugs, violence. It is life and death. People are dying.”

Even the Democrats will concede there are criminal and drug elements that exploit the lack of security to come into this country — they just don’t want to let Trump do anything about it.

Walls work, plain and simple, but Democrats will fight that tooth and nail simply to gain political ground.

They would rather put Americans at risk than grant this president a single win.

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This is all about upsetting Trump’s base by not allowing him to deliver on the wall so the Dems can win the next presidential election.

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