Report: Trump chief of staff working to ferret out White House leakers

For most of President Donald Trump’s time in office, his administration has been plagued by leaks to the media.

Now, according to a recent report from Axios described in The Hill, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has set up a veritable sting operation to oust the leakers, which surely has many people in official D.C. on edge.

Leaks persist

It seems as though barely a month has gone by in which there hasn’t been a leak of some sort resulting in a negative headline for President Trump.

Part of the reason for this is that, especially during the early days of this administration, not much of an effort was made to oust Obama administration holdovers, especially among the lower ranks.

When Mark Meadows took over as Trump’s chief of staff, he made it a priority to halt the leaks, but the problem persists.

Recent examples of leaks from within include reports alleging that Russia had placed bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan and the claim that President Trump hid in a White House bunker during recent protests in the nation’s capital.

Exposing the culprits

These leaks have always bothered the president, as loyalty is something he expects and deserves, but the recent incidents have reportedly served as a tipping point for Trump who wants action taken now.

According to the original Axios report, Meadows has employed the tried-and-true practice of setting information traps to root out the leakers once and for all.

Meadows has reportedly been providing information to various departments and waiting to see which administration officials subsequently go to the media so that he can identify the culprits and nip the problem in the bud.

This has undoubtedly caused tension in and around the White House, and it should.

While the American people are all for transparency, the leaking of classified information can do great damage to national security, and much of the specific material that has been leaked is doing just that.

When The New York Times has access to classified intelligence, and Secret Service security protocols are being discussed openly by anchors on CNN, something clearly needs to be done — and thank goodness Meadows is on the case.

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