Trump says he feels ‘terribly’ for Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters

President Donald Trump is hearing the same allegations being made against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as we are, and he feels horribly about it.

When asked about the allegations, the President stated, “I feel terribly for him…”

False Scrutiny

It seems to be par for the course these days that if you are associated with Trump, some mud slinging is headed your way.

Virtually every Trump appointee has been over-scrutinized by the media, and Kavanaugh is no different.

He has been called an extremist by Democrats in office and liberals alike.

What everyone failed to mention, though, was the man had undergone numerous FBI background checks and authored about 300 opinions on the D.C. Circuit Court without ever having a bad word said against him.

Kavanaugh’s only problem this time around is the fact that Donald Trump appointed him.

Feeling Bad

The president feels bad about the ordeal Kavanaugh and his family are going through because he knows it is because of him this is all happening.

That is no fault of the president but rather a bunch of spoiled children on the other side of the aisle.

Trump actually feels bad for the entire family over this.

“Honestly, I feel terribly for him, for his wife, who is an incredible lovely woman, and for his beautiful young daughters,” Trump stated.

They are the forgotten ones in all of this.

We can only imagine the things other children are saying to Kavanaugh’s daughters at school.

People his wife thought were her friends are probably distancing themselves as this drama plays out.

At this point, only one witness has been named in the allegations against Kavanaugh.

Unfortunately for the woman that made the allegations, the witness denies the incident she described ever took place.

Trump stated he wants both Kavanaugh and Christine Ford (the accuser) interviewed ASAP so Kavanaugh’s confirmation can proceed.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, Kavanaugh’s hearing was still on track, but that could change in a heartbeat if the committee plans on having a full investigation.

As Trump noted, though, it sure would have been nice if the Dems had brought the letter to light when they first got it back in July rather than waiting until the very last possible minute.

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