Trump tells Hannity he believes the FBI seized his last will and testament during Mar-a-Lago raid

When the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida on Aug. 8, the agents reportedly seized hundreds, if not thousands, of various documents and items that were personal and private property that was likely outside the scope of the warrant and never should have been seized.

Trump just revealed in an interview that one thing in particular that he believes was seized by the FBI during the raid was his last will and testament, the Conservative Brief reported.

He went on to suggest that the document, if leaked and published by the media, could eventually “cause a lot of problems” for him and others.

Trump claims FBI “took my will”

That revelation from former President Trump came during an exclusive and lengthy interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity that covered a variety of topics, including the controversial Aug. 8 FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.

At one point in the discussion, Hannity referenced some of the things that were seemingly improperly seized by FBI agents, such as Trump’s passports, his medical and tax records, and even hundreds of pages of information that was likely protected by the attorney-client privilege.

With respect to what was taken and if or when those items might be returned, Trump replied, “A lot. I don’t know. I really don’t know. They took a lot. I think they took my will. I found out yesterday. I said, ‘where is it?'”

Trump’s will being leaked “could cause a lot of problems”

Hannity joked about the will and asked, “Am I in it?” but Trump initially seemed to gloss over the humorous interjection and simply reiterated, “I think they took my will.”

However, he quickly made clear with a grin that he had heard Hannity’s quip about being in Trump’s will, and said, “That could cause a lot of problems.”

Amid laughter and smiles, Trump added, “No. That could cause a lot of people — a lot of problems if that gets published and people that won’t be so happy, or maybe will be very happy.”

“It’s a horrible thing”

That said, Trump just as quickly grew serious again and said, “But no, I think they took my will. No, it’s a horrible thing.”

If, in fact, the FBI really did seize Trump’s last will and testament, which quite clearly would be personal and private property not included in the scope of the search warrant, it would just be the latest evidence in support of the growing theory that the entire raid itself was nothing more than a politically motivated smash-and-grab fishing expedition in which anything and everything was scooped up in hope of finding something, anything, that could be used against him in some form or fashion.

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