President Donald Trump is an early favorite in hypothetical 2024 GOP primary

President Donald Trump is the heavy favorite in an early poll for a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary.

A Consult/Politico survey released on Tuesday showed that Trump is an overwhelming favorite in a hypothetical primary with 53% of respondents supporting him. The next closest candidate was Vice President Mike Pence who had the support of 12% of the respondents.

With the legal battle around the election looking like a long shot, Republicans are already looking four years into the future and making plans.

Still the future of the party

Unless someone steps up and experiences a meteoric rise like Trump experienced back in the 2015 primaries, Trump will likely be the best option in the 2024 election.

This is great news for Republicans as they will have a solid option if no one better emerges in the next four years. Democrats had a painful time selecting their candidate last year and Republicans can avoid that with Trump in 2024.

For the time being, Trump has instructed the General Services Administration to begin the process of transitioning power despite the continuing legal fight which he says, “STRONGLY continues.”

With that decision to begin the transition process, it is clear that the president is hedging his bets. If he wins the legal battle over the election, then things continue as normal. However, should the legal battle fail, it is in Trump’s best interests to have as smooth a transition as possible.

Should further evidence emerge that there was indeed widespread voter fraud, yet former Vice President Biden still ascends to the presidency, it will leave Trump with a very powerful campaign come 2024.

Work to be done now

An overwhelming majority of Trump’s support base believes that the election was stolen by Democrats and they will be ready to make an impact in 2022 and 2024. While we are still a long way out from 2024, it is totally plausible that Trump will be back in the saddle should he choose to run again.

The bizarre stories and circumstances that led to the legal battle that is currently ongoing set the agenda for the Republican Party.

The Republican Party needs to work at the national and state level to introduce measures to prevent any fraud and restore the trust of Americans in the electoral process.

There is no point planning for 2022 and 2024 if Republicans don’t first require basic protections to ensure that there is no voter fraud. If they don’t ensure election security for future elections, they won’t be able to win anytime soon.

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