Trump faces allegations of treating wife Melania ‘like a dog’ in latest attack on the president’s marriage

Of all of the left’s various avenues of attack against President Donald Trump, arguably the most disgusting are the attacks on his marriage to First Lady Melania Trump — attacks that are clearly intended to drive a wedge between them and undermine their relationship.

The latest example of such is a brief snippet of video being circulated on social media that has been interpreted by some on the left to show the president beckoning the first lady with a series of pats on his leg — much like one might summon a dog.

Jumping to conclusions

Newsweek, once a proud and respected organization that unfortunately traded in its legacy of journalistic integrity to become a cheap and partisan rag, decided on Wednesday to traffic in the spread of the disgusting assertion that the president had treated the first lady like a dog.

The video clip was of a moment on Aug. 7 when the Trumps visited Dayton, Ohio to meet with first responders, survivors, and victims of the mass shooting just days earlier in that city.

The clip seemed to show everyone on Trump’s team gathering together upon their arrival in Dayton.

Though the incident occurred nearly a month ago, it only recently went viral on social media after a comedian by the name of James Felton shared it and added commentary of his own that insinuated that Trump had treated his beloved wife Melania like a dog, calling her to heel beside him.

Assuming the worst

As can be seen in that brief clip, Trump did indeed appear to tap his leg three times while looking around and behind him. He then offered a sort of half-wave toward others and began to walk as the first lady approached and walked beside him.

What is entirely unclear from that video, however, is if the taps on his leg were intended for Melania or someone else — or even if it was meant for anyone at all and was just a momentary display of anxiety or impatience as people exited vehicles and formed up for the walk across the tarmac.

Indeed, it is just as likely that the pats on the leg — if truly intended as a beckoning gesture — were aimed at his contingent of U.S. Secret Service agents as a signal that he was ready to move, or perhaps one of the other members of his team getting out of the vehicle beside him.

Sadly, while there were a few Twitter users who offered up those entirely plausible and arguably more likely explanations for Trump’s gesture in the comments on the post, an overwhelming majority of commenters — no doubt beset with an affliction of Trump Derangement Syndrome — assumed the worst and agreed with the gross assessment that the president had treated the first lady like a dog.

Given the cruel and disheartening manner in which the left has poured out unmitigated hatred toward the first lady, one can only wonder why anyone would care if Trump truly had treated her like a dog. But considering that the left will say and do anything to disparage the president and cast shade upon his marriage, this latest shot is as unsurprising as it is disturbing.

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