Trump ends rumors of NHS involvement in trade negotiations with Britain

Over the last week or so, there has been a significant buzz over the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) and whether was going to be including as part of trade deal negotiations with the United States.

When Trump was asked about this, he left nothing open to debate. According to Breitbart, he stated: “We have absolutely nothing to do with it, and we wouldn’t want to if you handed it to us on a silver platter. We want nothing to do with it.”

Far-fetched story

The NHS has been a subject that has been all over the news as well as social media for the last couple of weeks.

Some observers have become extremely concerned that current leadership in the U.K. is going to use the NHS as a bargaining chip to lock down a better trade deal with the U.S.

Several reports suggested that American companies and doctors had been given access to the NHS databank, but there did not seem to be anything that to actually corroborate these stories.

It all seemed very much like conspiracy theory gone wild designed specifically to influence the upcoming election. Breitbart reports that “far-left leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn…has sought to weaponize the NHS by claiming that the British taxpayer-funded healthcare service is at risk of American takeover in post-Brexit trade talks.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself also ruled out that NHS would be part of any trade deal with the United States. He even characterized the idea that this was happening as “pure Loch Ness monster, Bermuda Triangle stuff.”

Future of American health care

While addressing these rumors, Trump also seemed excited about what can happen in the United States in terms of health care if he is re-elected, Republicans win back the House, and Republicans keep the Senate.

Trump stated: “We are going to have a great health care system. We’re doing great health care work. We’ve got things really running well and if we get elected — if we take the House, keep the Senate, keep the White House — we’ll have phenomenal health care.”

Trump also stressed the fact that we now have “180 million people on plans” for private health care in our country. These are individuals that, for the most part, do not want to give up their coverage because they like being able to choose their own plan rather than having the government dictate their coverage.

This is a huge issue that needs to be resolved after this election, assuming that Trump wins, Republicans hold the Senate and also reclaim the House.

If Republicans can reform health care during those first two years of a second Trump term, there simply is no way Democrats will be able to justify ripping the system apart if and when they get control again.

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