Donald Trump ends “catch and release” immigration policy

The Trump administration just made a major blow to the liberal “catch and release” policy that has been adopted on many of our borders.

On Monday, Texas sent 250 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to put a halt to the flawed immigration policy.

End of an Era

Prior to Trump taking over as president, our country took some major steps backwards in terms of controlling our borders.

Obama not only adopted DACA, but also encouraged immigrants to come into this country without the proper documentation.

Not only were these immigrants encouraged to come here, but they were also protected by laws rather than being subject to immigration laws.

Sanctuary cities and states were born, and Democrat politicians were quick to make protecting undocumented immigrants a major policy position.

While some cities were already struggling with crime and drug problems, the agenda to protect undocumented immigrants saw these problems grow to new heights.

Chicago is a perfect example of this.

Just this past weekend, seven people were murdered in a matter of hours.

These murders were believed to have been gang-related, a problem that has only been made worse with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s protection of undocumented immigrants.

Bring in the Guard

The Trump administration has authorized the use of National Guard troops to help the immigration problem at our borders.

While several liberal governors have said they will not follow the federal mandate, both Arizona and Texas have taken advantage of the extra troops to help end the flow of undocumented immigrants over our borders.

Texas is currently deploying 250 troops to the border already.

Arizona will be following suit soon, as the state is expected to send 100 more troops to its border.

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The added troops main goal is to prevent undocumented immigrants from coming into the country illegally, then seeking asylum.

This is just the beginning of the new immigration policy, as the Trump administration is expected to release its full immigration control plan by week’s end.

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