Despite Democrat claims, Trump economy delivers major working class boost

There has been one steady narrative regarding the economy that Dems have been trying to push, and that is that the Trump economy only benefits the top one percent.

The White House just broke the news that this claim is far from true, as the biggest beneficiaries so far are “people without college degrees, people who come from more martial backgrounds.”

Fake news

When Trump first introduced the tax cuts, Dems took the stance that Trump was only preparing to protect his income when he left the White House.

However, after the first full year, it was proven the average American took home thousands more than they had under Obama.

White House Deputy Director of Communications Adam Kennedy provided an example in an interview on Sunday, saying that “in manufacturing, the non-supervisory positions — the people who are actually on the floor doing the work — have received the highest wage gains.”

And yes, businesses did benefit greatly from the tax cuts, but that also helped the average American more. In many cases, these businesses expanded their workforce or business. Kennedy pointed out:

One of the big things we’ve seen is manufacturing is kind of roaring back in this country, after so many people that it was never going to come back, at all, that we had to resign ourselves to losing all of our factories. USMCA is really going to solidify that growth and accelerate it.

These businesses are hiring more people, paying higher wages, and getting better equipment to provide better products and services to consumers.

One of the major barometers in how the country is doing as a whole is and always has been the unemployment rate. Now, if you believe Democrats, Trump is only interested in helping white people. Again, completely wrong, because unemployment rates among every demographic are at all-time lows.

Still selling the lie

No matter how good this economy gets, and according to Kennedy, it is “spectacular,” Dems are trying to tell Americans it is not the case for them.

That extra money you have in your pocket is a mirage. That big raise or new job you got, it doesn’t really exist (and if they get into office, it won’t.)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) just did a Spanish-speaking town hall for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and told them Trump has not delivered on the economic promises he made. That is a flat out lie and every economic measuring stick proves it.

Fortunately, most Americans aren’t buying the Democrat lies. According to a new CNN poll, 76 percent of Americans rate current economic conditions as positive, the largest percentage of Americans happy with the state of the economy since 2001.

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