Ivana Trump says Donald Trump doesn’t need presidency, should play golf instead

Somehow, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump, has managed to stay out of the headlines, or at least she did until now.

While doing on interview with “The Post,” she stunned the media by saying, “Donald is going to be 74, 73 for the next [election] and maybe he should just go and play golf and enjoy his fortune.”

Still Friends

Even though they split many years ago, the President and the mother of three of his children still remain in contact.

According to Ivana, they talk about once a month.

In addition, she frequents his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Ivana has written her own book, “Raising Trump,” which will be out May 1 in paperback.

On Melania

The President’s ex-wife seems to have more than just a little bit of empathy for Melania.

She actually said she is happy it is Melania in the White House and not her.

Ivana called Melania a “prisoner” of sorts, simply because she can never go out anymore without a full entourage of protection.

Ivana Trump stated, “She cannot go shopping, she cannot go out to the theater, she cannot go to restaurants because she has Secret Service and 15 cars in front and 15 in back.”

On Trump’s Presidency

While Ivana would advise Trump not to run for a second term, she has little doubts he is capable of doing the job.

“He doesn’t take nonsense from anybody and he prefers to be friends than be enemies with Putin, or basically any leader around the world,” Ivana said of the President.

While she says the President would rather be friendly with other leaders, she says he will not “take his crap, that’s for sure.”

Recent events would prove her words ring true.

On Ivanka

Ivana would also like to see her daughter get off the Washington DC Merry-Go-Round.

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Her fear is that Ivanka’s personal businesses are going to suffer over her political desires.

She would prefer that her daughter “be her own boss” rather than get involved in the “dirty business” of politics.

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