Trump documents Letitia James' 'political' war against him

October 6, 2023
World Net Daily

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President Donald Trump, under assault by the attorney general in New York who has alleged he fraudulently overvalued his properties, even though real estate experts say that's simply not true, has posted online documentation of the prosecutor's political animus toward him.

He posted online a clip of a campaign ad used by James to lobby for votes in which she complained of the nation being divided.

She said, "At the eye of the storm is Donald Trump, ripping families apart. …. I'm running for attorney general because I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president."

She then recites a list of unproven claims she makes against the president, and comes up with a criminal charge to file against him before there was any investigation, evidence – or even allegations.

"He should be charged with obstructing justice," she claimed. And she speculated about her role in "removing this president from office."

She claimed he was "laundering money from foreign governments."

James, in fact, campaigned for office on the premise of "getting" President Trump.

Trump commented, with the video, "THIS IS FROM 2018 – WITCH HUNT!!"

She also released a video in which she claimed, "No one is above the law including this illegitimate president. I look forward to going into the office of the attorney general every day, suing him, defending your rights, and then going home."

Fox News explained:

Trump has argued throughout the week that James is targeting him over political animus, labeling her “corrupt” and an “operative” for President Biden’s re-election effort. He shared footage of James on the campaign trail in 2018 in which she denounces him as an “illegitimate president” and vows to sue him if elected.

“America is in uncharted territory. We are angrier and more divided than we have ever been at any point in our history since the Civil War,” James says in the 2018 video. “At the eye of the storm is Donald Trump, ripping families apart, threatening women’s most basic rights. I’m running for attorney general because I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president.”

“He should be charged with obstructing justice. I believe that the president of these United States can be indicted for criminal offenses. We would join law enforcement and other attorneys general across this nation in removing this president from office,” she continues.

Trump later shared another compilation of her campaign appearances in which she repeatedly vows to sue him.

James is suing Trump in civil court, claiming he committed fraud by inflating the values of his properties, and a judge who has been caught smirking to cameras in his courtroom claimed that Trump's Mar-a-Lago home is worth probably $18 million.

Actual experts in real estate, property agents in Palm Beach, have explained that's wildly off-base, with the property obviously worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

There's no evidence of any business working with Trump's operations having lost money, having had an unpaid loan, because of his actions, but in New York, the law has an anomaly and does not require someone to lose money in order for a tax-paid lawyer like James to claim fraud.

In fact, the judge's ruling on the value of Trump's properties already is under appeal, so he responded with an order that forbids Trump from doing anything with his properties without notifying a court "monitor."

Multiple legal experts have opined that the case clearly is a political assault on Trump.

Trump attended the first three days of the trial before Arthur Engoron, but was not in attendance for Day Four. The judge earlier said he would not allow a jury to hear the evidence, but would issue a ruling himself.

Trump has described the New York court environment in which the case is developing as a "rats nest of New York Democrat corruption."

A top legal scholar, Jonathan Turley, revealed that he thinks James' political war against Trump should be an embarrassment to the New York bar.

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