Trump dismisses return to Twitter, hints at plans to create new platform

Following last month’s violent riot on Capitol Hill, major social media networks opted to suspend then-President Donald Trump’s account.

In remarks this week, however, Trump hinted at a plan to build his own online platform as an alternative to making an eventual return to Twitter.

“I wanted to be somewhat quiet”

The discussion of his social media ban came on Wednesday during a wide-ranging on-air interview with Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly.

When the host asked if Trump had been considering a plan for eventually returning to Twitter, which is where he was able to directly communicate with millions of his followers, the former president acknowledged that he had been part of such discussions. Nevertheless, he said that, at least for the time being, he plans to stay tight-lipped and allow his successor to get his administration underway.

“I really want to be somewhat quiet,” Trump said. “It hasn’t been that quiet, frankly, but I wanted to somewhat quiet.”

As for a return to social media, he said that supporters “really wanted” him to join Parler, a site that has grown popular among conservative users. The ex-president suggested, however, that the site’s platform might be “mechanically” unable to support the followers he would bring along with him.

He also opined that Twitter had become “very boring” since he was kicked off the platform, asserting that “millions of people are leaving” as a result.

“So we’ll see what happens”

“They’re leaving it because it’s not the same, and I can understand that,” he said. “So we’ll see what happens.”

Trump’s plan forward includes ongoing negotiations “with a number of people,” he said, including “the option of building your own site.”

In any case, he denounced the way Twitter “harassed” him by flagging many of his posts as misleading, declaring that he does not “want to go back” to the platform.

For his part, Parler’s interim CEO made it clear that Trump would be a welcomed addition to the site.

“He would be more than welcome to join us on Parler, we would be happy to have him along with President Biden, we’re happy to have anybody from any party who wants to come on and engage in civil discourse,” Mark Meckler said, according to The Hill.

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